Career at Haarslev Industries

Career at Haarslev Industries 

Haarslev Industries’ leading position in the international market is based on our skilled and motivated employees. To support and encourage our staff, we strive to provide great working conditions and opportunities for development. Knowledge is our most important raw material and we make every effort to cultivate it. 

Vacant positions

AX Consultant (The advert is in Danish)
Two Project Managers (The advert is in Danish) 


Administration/Office workers

If you find a relevant vacancy here on the web site, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



A majority of our employees are working with welding, milling etc. in the workshops and in the warehouses. For jobs in Hårslev, Denmark download application form here. For jobs in other Haarslev locations please send an email to personale(at)


For job section in Danish please click here  DKflag 

Haarslev Industries

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