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Haarslev Industries is a cleantec company focusing on sustainable solutions for the benefit of the environment. We are specialised in the production of drying equipment for biomass. Biomass can be converted directly into liquid fuels - biofuels - for transportation or made into pellets and briquettes and used as fuel for power plants, district heating and other applications.

In the production of ethanol, a valuable by-product of the spent grain is produced. Whether the spent grain is from corn, wheat, barley or rye, it has a high value once dried. The main use of the DDG or the DDGS is as supplement in the animal feed industry. We offer a complete range of equipment for dewatering and drying.

For extraction of oil from oleaginous seeds we offer systems with a wide range of capacities from small compact plants up to large scale production plants including equipment for reception and storage, preparation and pressing of seeds, as well as filtering and storage of oil.

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Drying of Biomass DDGS Pressing of seeds

Drying of Biomass

Superior drying equipment for drying of biomass like wood chips, forest residues, bark, peat and paper for the production of pellets and briquettes.



Drying of Spent Grain

Solutions to retrieve proteins from brewers spent grain or from distillers grains from the production of ethanol (DDGS) for the production of animal feed.


Pressing of Seeds

Pressing equipment for the extraction of oil fromoleaginous seeds including sunflower, rape, soya and jatropha for the production of oil for the food industry and biodiesel.


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