Haarslev Industries, a Dedicated Process Technology Company

Haarslev Industries is a dedicated process technology company, providing powerful solutions for the benefit of the global environment. We supply complete systems and equipment for the processing of animal by-products, domestic waste, sewage sludge, bio fuels and by-products from food and beverage production. 

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Protein Recycling Division
Rendering, Fish and DDGS 

Solutions and equipment for the protein recycling of animal by-products from cattle, pork, fish, poultry, blood and feather.


Environmental Division
Sludge, Biomass and Biofuel

Process equipment for drying and thermal disintegration of municipal and industrial sewage sludge. Equipment for production of primary and secondary biofuel from peat, saw dust, wood and green waste, fermentation residues and organic waste fractions. Drying of a wide range of biomass.


After Sales and Service
Installation, Spare and Wear Parts 

Haarslev Industries offer world-class installation and service globally. We also produce state of the art spare and wear parts for our own and third party equipment.

Service and After Sales
Haarslev Industries

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