Prensagem de sementes

Pressing of Seeds

For the extraction of oil from oleaginous seeds, e.g. sunflower, rape, soya and jatropha seeds, Haarslev Industries has developed different pressing technologies for both pressing of pre-heated seeds and cold pressing, which obtains the highest quality of crude oil, ideal for the biodiesel and food industries.


Our systems can be supplied in a wide range of capacities from small compact plants up to large scale production plants including equipment for reception and storage, preparation and pressing of seeds, as well as filtering and storage of oil.

The press cake can either be further processed or used as an ingredient in animal feed, if obtained by means of full pressing with low residual oil content.

A pilot plant installed in our factory makes full testing of seeds possible in order to determine the exact configuration of equipment for the product of each customer.

Mechanical dewatering is a corner stone in the business of Haarslev Industries. The twin screw press has been developed for cost-effective dewatering of fibrous materials, and it is applied in a range of different industries, where it has replaced less efficient dewatering equipment.

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