Odour Control

Odour control

Haarslev Industries offers a range of technologies for VOC and odour treatment to accommodate specific customer requirements.


Regenerative oxidiser
This type of thermal oxidiser is suitable for high effluent flow rates with low energy consumption. Download datasheet


Chemical scrubbers
Designed in either single or multiple stage systems utilising reagents to effectively reduce the emissions of VOCs. Download datasheet


Air washer/Humidifier
The air washer/humidifier will partly humidify the air and partly wash it free from impurities like dust and fat. Download datasheet


Haarslev Biofilter is an economic and environmentally friendly way to remove odour from waste gases. They are an environmental friendly alternative to scrubbers and oxidisers. The Biofilter is a highly efficient, completely natural and passive way to remove odour from waste gases. It takes up a small area of unused land within your site complex and once installed practically runs itself. Biofilters work by allowing naturally occurring and developed bacteria to treat the waste gases. This is done by passing the collected waste gases through a network of ducting designed for minimal pressure loss and filtering them in the composite layers of active media before discharging to atmosphere.





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