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Environment Division


Municipal & Industrial Sewage Sludge

With more than a hundred plants delivered over 30 years, Haarslev Industries has the expertise in designing and delivering complete sludge drying systems.


We focus on equipment for environmental protection, energy conservation and optimal resource utilisation, from wet sludge reception to dry product storage including odour control, waste heat utilisation and energy recovery.


Bio Mass & Bio Fuel

Biofuels derived from renewable biomass and by-products from wood, feed, food and beverage processing as well as from agricultural and domestic organic waste fractions offer alternatives to fossil fuels.


We offer a wide range of mechanical and thermal treatment technologies and our equipment includes crushers, screw presses, evaporators, hydrolisers, thermal oxidisers and

several types of dryers.

Municipal and Industrial Sewage Sludge Biomass and Bio Fuel

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