Processing of Meat, Bones and Offal from Cattle, Pork and Poultry


Haarslev Industries is specialised in manufacturing plants and equipment for processing animal by-products and fallen stock. We develop and supply processes and equipment to meet the demanding requirements and challenges that the rendering industry is facing due to environmental consideration and legislation. 

The designs from Haarslev Industries focus on optimal and economical utilisation of raw material and energy as well as product quality, regulatory conformance and environmental impact.

In the rendering process, usable ingredients such as protein meals and fats are extracted. Haarslev Industries offers a complete range of machinery to suit individual customer requirements.

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Depending on the raw material and the requested end product, various processes can be applied:  




Batch dry rendering - A simple and versatile way of treating all kinds of animal raw material 


Continuous dry rendering – A high capacity process with low operation costs 


Continuous pre-cooking and batch sterilisation – High evaporation capacity and reduced need for particle size reduction 


Waste heat dewatering process – Major reduction in fuel consumption, increase of capacity  


Slurry Process – High capacity, low energy consumption offering a high quality meal 


Continuous low temperature wet rendering – Reduced steam consumption, low operating costs and high meal and fat quality


Gel bone production – High quality tallow. Meal is low in fat and ash and highly digestible
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