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Haarslev Industries Service Departments


The perfect functioning of our machinery and equipment will contribute to maximum profitability for our customers. Therefore we employ competent and experienced service engineers and supervisors working world-wide.

The Service Departments of Haarslev Industries set a pride in supporting our customers in order to optimise the operation of our equipment. We are always in dialogue with the customers in order

to establish a system for supplying spare parts.

All equipment is supplied with a list of spare parts based on a part number system, which ensures that the parts are in accordance with the original design specification. Our files contain documentation

for all equipment supplied and can be used to confirm or identify the specifications for parts supplied more than 30 years ago.

We offer:

> Preventive service according to your requirements
> Repair when needed with short response time
> Support on Scada systems
> Optimisation of your processes
> Service contracts
> Training of staff

We are in possession of advanced production equipment. This, in combination with a highly specialised and qualified staff, is your guarantee for optimum service and quality.


Download our After Sales and Service Brochure here. 

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