Municipal & Industrial Sludge


Haarslev Industries' expertise in drying of sludge from waste-water treatment plants derives from the delivery of more than a hundred drying plants over the last 30 years. We focus on equipment for environmental protection, energy conservation and optimal resource utilisation. We supply both single machines and complete plants designed to meet individual customer requirements.

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Part Drying Full Drying

Partial Drying of Sludge

Drying of sludge to 30-45% DS provide for an optimal energy balance in incineration plants.



Full Drying of Sludge

Drying of sludge to 90-95% DS. Ideal for manufacturing of fertiliser supplement, soil conditioner or fuel.

Odour Control Heat Recovery

Odour Treatment

Reduce the emissions of volatile organic compounds and odours by installing an odour treatment system. 


Heat Recovery

Recover up to 80 % of the thermal energy used in the sludge drying process.  

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