Hårslev gets its second defibrillator

19.03.2018 Press release

In case of accidents, we all hope that a defibrillator is nearby. Particularly, if you are the one affected but also if you are witness to a heart attack and need to perform life-saving first aid. And now, the residents of Hårslev have access to a second defibrillator in addition to the one already placed at Hårslev Sports Center.

Haarslev – on suggestion from an employee – has moved one of its two defibrillators outside, making it available for everyone in Hårslev day and night in case of emergencies.

Operations Director Thomas Carlsen says: “Very recently, one of our colleagues in the production area suffered a heart attack where we also have a defibrillator in place so we have seen first-hand how important it is to be able to perform the appropriate first aid very quickly. Our colleague was saved and luckily, he is okay today. The incident has confirmed our decision to move one of our defibrillators from inside the buildings to outside, hereby making it available to all residents in the local community.”

Haarslev has invested around 10.000 DKK to have the defibrillator moved to the outside of the building. This includes having a special outdoor cabinet and the necessary electricity installed as well as the appropriate annual service licenses.

The defibrillator at Haarslev is listed on hjertestarter.dk which means that the Emergency Response Center can direct to this specific defibrillator if a 112-caller needs a defibrillator in this area.



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