Haarslev designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of tailor-made equipment for the processing of sludge, biomass and biofuel.

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Municipal & Industrial Sewage Sludge

Haarslev’s expertise in drying and hydrolysis of sludge from waste-water treatment plants derives from the delivery of more than a hundred drying plants over the last 30 years.
We focus on equipment for environmental protection, energy conservation and optimal resource utilization.

We supply both single machines and complete plants designed to meet individual customer requirements.

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Bio Mass & Bio Fuel

Biofuels derived from renewable biomass and by-products from wood, feed, food and beverage processing as well as from agricultural and domestic organic waste fractions offer alternatives to fossil fuels.

Biomass can be converted directly into liquid fuels - biofuels - for transportation or made into pellets and briquettes and used as fuel for power plants, district heating and other applications.

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Haarslev Global Services makes sure your business keeps on going

El tiempo de inactividad es lo peor para todas las compañías de extracción y procesamiento. Simplemente hay que evitarlo a toda costa. Nuestros sistemas han sido diseñados para garantizar el máximo tiempo de actividad.

El departamento de Servicios Técnicos de Haarslev está disponible para darle el mejor asesoramiento a la hora de dominar sus procesos. By implementing the right procedures for maintenance and spare parts stock, you will be able to:

  • guarantee your throughput
  • obtain more yield per product
  • achieve a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Harald Petersen
Mechanical Engineer