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As the world population continues to grow, the demand for healthy, tasty and high-protein food increases accordingly. We need more food and a more efficient and eco-friendly way to produce it. The same goes for animal feed; higher utilization and an environmentally responsible solution are required.

Solutions for
Food & Feed ingredients

Haarslev offers new process lines based upon an innovative vision on the processing of leftovers. This means a significant change compared to the conventional protein meal feed market, which is also less complex in both product as proces. At the same time, the new process lines are designed to yield the return on investment producers are looking for.

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Processing for Food & Feed Ingredients

Processing of
Feed ingredients

From the poultry application fresh soft or ‘bony’ product, free from feather, is collected and chilled (if needed) before it is processed into a high-complex protein digestibility line, where protein is converted into peptide and peptones or amino acids solution. The product is turned into concentrate or dried into a powder with high-protein content, high palatability, improved attractant and 100% solubility.

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Processing for Food & Feed Ingredients

Processing of
Pet Food ingredients

Haarslev offers new process lines devolved to material handling and preparation equipment for mixing ingredient for the pet food industry. At the same time, the new process modules to cool down the raw material are designed to control maximum freshness of raw material before shipment.

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Processing for Food & Feed ingredients

Processing of
Food ingredients

Fresh raw material which is not going directly to the consumers market creates food grade leftovers that can be downgraded to feed products. This means lower yield and loss in production. Haarslev helps you turn the leftovers into a valuable source of income, by turning it into high-quality protein powder products for the food or meat market or into a high-quality ingredient for the pet food industry.

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Haarslev Customer Care makes sure your business keeps on going

Downtime is a worst case scenario for all rendering and processing companies. It simply has to be avoided at all cost. Our systems have been designed to guarantee you maximum uptime.

Haarslev Customer Care is available to give you the best advice in mastering your process. By implementing the right procedures for maintenance and spare parts stock, you will be able to:

  • guarantee your throughput
  • obtain more yield per product
  • achieve a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
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Global management reinforcement

Haarslev has continuously worked on the development and execution of its strategy to become the global marketplace no. 1, customer focused, technology provider and therefore, the company now reinforces the global management team.


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Haarslev ROI calculator: master your process

The expected return on your investment (ROI) in rendering systems is an important decision factor. We offer you the Haarslev ROI Calculator.