The wet material is fed into the dryer through the inlet at the drive end. The material is transported through the dryer and agitated  by means of paddles mounted on the periphery of the rotor.

The material is dried by direct contact with the steam-heated surface of the rotor. The water evaporated from the material is removed through the vapour dome at the top of the stator. The steam inlet placed in the same  end as the material outlet, and the condensate outlet is placed at the drive end. Scraper bars are designed to prevent material buildup between the discs. The dried material is discharged at the bottom of the stator, typically through a discharge screw conveyor with variable speed drive.

Main Characteristics

The stator incl. vapour dome, inlet and outlet as well as the scraper bars between the discs and the adjustable paddles are manufactured in stainless steel. The vapour dome has removable covers for easy inspection, cleaning and adjustment of the paddles. Every second cover is equipped with an inspection glass with light and wiper for easy inspection. The disc dryer has oil lubricated external bearings. The shafts to the dryer are sealed with stuffing boxes.