Haarslev Lamella Pumps are ideal for filling all types of cookers and other processing equipment in a closed system which reduces odour.
Even though the Haarslev Lamella Pumps are high capacity pumps, they have low energy consumption compared with traditional conveying systems.

Technical Description

The Haarslev Lamella Pumps can be delivered with pump housing in cast iron or stainless steel in all sizes to suit individual requirements.

The pumps are manufactured with replaceable wear parts in highly wear resistant steel. The pumps have only four moving parts and it can be equipped with a mechanical sealed bearing or a standard bearing arrangement with stuffing box.

Depending on the material being processed  and specific requirements to performance,  the pumps can be driven by either an electric gear motor or a hydraulic motor.


  • Fish processing
  • Rendering (raw material etc.)
  • Pet food
  • Poultry offal, except feathers