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Decades of experience designing and manufacturing thermal oxidation solutions combined with available chemical and biological systems complete a full range of possibilities. Haarslev is the guarantee customers need to ensure their activities have minimal environmental impact.

Odor control
Washer Humidifier

The purpose of the humidifier is partly to humidify the air and partly to wash it free from impurities like dust and fat particles. Furthermore, the humidifier will function as an air cooler if warm process air should get into the canal system.

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Odor control

Haarslev knows the demands of several industries which makes us able to develop, design and manufacture a wide range of high efficient odour treatment systems for the following industries

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Odor control
Recuperative Thermal Oxidiser

Environmental regulations related to elimination of odours and process water and vapours purification require the application of integral technologies to ensure the use of the best available technologies to protect the environment. Thermal oxidation is widely accepted by legislative bodies and is proven to be the most efficient method of dealing with odour at rendering plants whilst reducing treatment and eventual water emissions to sewer.

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Odor control
Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

It has become increasingly important for companies in the rendering industry to minimise both the environmental impact of their factories as well as their energy costs. For this Haarslev offers its range of Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers, RTO.

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Odor control
Shell & Tube Condenser

The Haarslev Shell & Tube Condenser condenses the processing vapours emitted from cookers and dryers. Haarslev has designed a complete range of shell and tube surface condensers to suit a wide range of capacity requirements.

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Odor control
Air Cooled Condenser

The Haarslev Air Cooled Condenser is designed for condensing the processing vapours emitted from cooking or drying of fish or meat by-products.

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Haarslev Customer Care makes sure your business keeps on going

Downtime is a worst case scenario for all rendering and processing companies. It simply has to be avoided at all cost. Our systems have been designed to guarantee you maximum uptime.

Haarslev Customer Care is available to give you the best advice in mastering your process. By implementing the right procedures for maintenance and spare parts stock, you will be able to:

  • guarantee your throughput
  • obtain more yield per product
  • achieve a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
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