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Separation is a critical step in many processes. Haarslev proposes a number of carefully designed liquid-liquid, liquid-solid or solid-solid separation systems with possibilities of automatic cleaning or CIP to ensure optimum results.

Rotating Strainer

Mechanically removing liquid from cooked meat or fish material before it’s sent for pressing.

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Dry Vibrating Screen

Easy removal of foreign matter from all kinds of poultry meal.

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Wet Vibrating Screen

The Vibrating Screen is designed for optimum straining of cooked fish or meat prior to twin screw press.

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Separation Sizing
Waste Food Depacker

For separating and grinding packaged food waste to separate it into organic and non-organic components.

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Rotative Fat Drainer

For separating fats from solids in cooked greaves or fat and sludge from screw presses.

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Fat Filtrator

Effective removal of solids in fatty sludge from screw presses

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Metal Detectors

Effective removal of any metal foreign objects from raw or cooked meat, poultry and fish

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Haarslev Global Services makes sure your business keeps on going

El tiempo de inactividad es lo peor para todas las compañías de extracción y procesamiento. Simplemente hay que evitarlo a toda costa. Nuestros sistemas han sido diseñados para garantizar el máximo tiempo de actividad.

El departamento de Servicios Técnicos de Haarslev está disponible para darle el mejor asesoramiento a la hora de dominar sus procesos. By implementing the right procedures for maintenance and spare parts stock, you will be able to:

  • guarantee your throughput
  • obtain more yield per product
  • achieve a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Harald Petersen
Mechanical Engineer